Dad Writes My Grades Matter Sons Air Jordan 11s

Kurin Keys loves his son and wants him to succeed in life. When he found out his sons grades were not as good as he anticipated, he made sure he got his point across.

Keys had bought his son the Legend Blue Air Jordan 11s, but when he found out he didn’t have good grades, he took the shoes and wrote across them in big black bold letters “My Grades Matter”. He also made his son wear the shoes as they toured the streets and hit up some sneaker spots. The reactions of the employees are priceless.

As a sneakerhead, it’s devastating to see, but grades do matter and to advance further in life you must do good in school. While you might dislike what the father did, he does care about his son. Check out the video below.

Father Proves That His Son's Grades Matter…..

Father writes "My Grades Matter" on $400 pair of J's because his son brings home 2 D's……Does Your Kids Grades Matter? #LegendBlue11 #Jordans #MyGradesMatter

Posted by Imsofirst Hart on Thursday, March 19, 2015

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