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Customer Receives Air Jordan X (10) ‘Venom Green’ Instead of ‘Bobcats’


What would you do if thought you were purchasing one Air Jordan retro and received another instead? Better yet, what if it was an unreleased retro that no one had yet? Would you keep it, or give it back in exchange for something that you really wanted?

Well, a situation like this actually happened to NT’er banksthatdude2 this past weekend. While visiting the House of Hoops by Foot Locker store in Bridgewater, New N.J. on Saturday, this individual received an Air Jordan X (10) “Venom Green” sample instead of his intended pair of Air Jordan X (10) “Bobcats”. How crazy is that?

Not only did this guy get his hands on an unreleased colorway, his pair includes an icy bottom – a feature that unfortunately won’t be seen upon release come March 22, 2014. Has an error like this ever happened to you?

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