Curren$y Not Feeling Jordan Fusions

Many Jordan heads and Sneaker heads may not like the whole fusion idea, and rapper Curren$y is one to agree. Curren$y describes the AJ fusion line by saying  “It’s like an Air Force 1 dressing up like a Jordan for Halloween” , which I may say is pretty funny. You can see what else Curren$y got to say about Air Jordan fusions after the jump.

~ Soleless

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  1. dude is shitty and tries to dress the new im black but dress white style. dude can get on the ground

  2. dats sum stupid ass shit 2 say mainly bcuz if it wasnt fa Nike where da fuck wuld Jordan be, i mean da whole fusion idea is makin madd bucks Jordan & Nike bein dublin upp on our ass, if dis dude was a real sneak head he notice da hustle Jordan & nike got goin on & if u real u cnt knock nbdies hustle!! Nike Air Force 1's are the original basketball shoe now Jordan running shit nut if itsn't wasn't fa Nike Jordan wouldnt b Jordan, & idk bout dis dudes but every pair of Jordans i got da shoe box got a motherfukkin Nike sticker on da box, so really wut is Jordan other than a Nike Shoe??…#justsayin

  3. Decide for yourself what you like. It's amazing so much credence is given to these so-called rappers, entertainers, whatever opinions on fashion. If you like fusions then buy them if you don't then keep it moving. Do you.

  4. Those saying Currency dresses white but is black. Grow the fuck up. So he has dress sense and style so he's white? You dicks need to get out of the past. You know if rock or electro kept dragging its feet like MOST hip hop artists and MOST ghetto boys rock would still look like something out of the 70s. Hip Hop is THIRTY plus now. Yet there you all are, still dressing in your Timberlands and baggy ass jeans. Instead of ripping currency who is forward thinking, look at your own out of touch ass. Biggie and Tupac called, they want their dated style back.

  5. if u like fusions you were probably born in the 90s…it's not your faut young ninjas…blame your parents.

    So wearing a fitted x white tee x jordans = dressing white? GTFOH!!

    J.E.T.S FOOl!

  6. Fukc the fusions man theyre killin retroes people be confusing my aqua 8s for fusion saying" ooo i have those" when they

    Really dont same with my dam Cdp 5s. I guess its good fe the JB bad for collectors ** notice that moat originals are hella cheap now because od too many retroea being released at a time** Sneaker inflation.

  7. Fusions sucks hard, the only reason they keep realising these shoes it's because they keep selling, and that means more money for the jb brand. It's merchandising 101, but in all seriousnes fusion are garbage.

  8. im not a fan of the fusion there so terrible and i was born 91' the yr of the 6's i could never ever put my foot n a fusion i rocl for my sole and not for my pockets and you can cop some ogs for 195.99 or 175.99 real shit dont spend your money on thrash ppl plz… buy real jordans

  9. This dude shoe game is proper he knows what he is talking about . But some people don’t have funds or the means of getting the shoes the og is sold out damn? I will get a hamburger and fusions fuck it hey shit happens? Regardless they sell and I just laugh and walk by.