The Creative Recreation x Bait “Spongebob” Collection is everything and more. After Creative Recreation and BAIT merged recently at San Diego’s Comic Con, it would only be a matter of time before we saw the line up of footwear models that pay homage to the famous underwater crew.

Comprised of  Spongebob’s Lusco, Patrick’s Cesario Lo XVI, Squidward’s Cesario XVI, and Mr. Krabs’ Kaplan V, this collection features a “Raw and Uncut” concept that interprets the off-stage personalities and lifestyles of the hilarious characters. Features of each style include a combination of zebra patterns, hairy cheetah print, suited pinstripe material, jacquard camouflage, black pipping, white misoles, and more.

Arguably the best feature of the collection, a special BAIT Spongebob character sneaker box that can be transformed into a 3-D Spongebob! That’s an instant cop. Agree? Hold you horses though, this pack is slated for a limited release in the coming months of Fall but will be displayed at the POP LIFE Exhibition in Beijing on August 17, 2012. Stay tuned to Sneaker Files for more.






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