Converse WADE Slash - NBA All Star Game 2009

Dwyane Wade is appearing in the NBA All Star Game for the fifth consecutive this year. Wade has been spotted on the side lines coaching at this years All Star Weekend in trendy shoes, but will be breaking out the Converse WADE Slash tonight when starting for the Eastern Conference All Stars. Getting its name from Wade’s explosive style of play, the WADE Slash features a white based with navy accents and light blue highlights. The contrast between light blue and navy pop on the WADE Slash. Keep an eye out for Dwyane Wade and his Slash tonight at the All Star Game as they will not be releasing at retailers, but four other colorways are now available at Converse dealers. 

Converse WADE Slash - NBA All Star Game 2009

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  1. damn he really does not want the wade 4's? at this rate the 4's will be like $10 wade already go for 30 or less and now he does not even wear them?!. And after all those commercials about the shoe.