Converse Fall 2008 Samples

Converse has been serving up some great creations this year including a few major collaborations. Here’s a look at two samples that are releasing this Fall. First up is the Converse All Star Low which appears in purple leather along with a blue logo on the side.

Secondly, is the Converse re-issue quick Start Samples 08 that sports a similar design. LIke the All Star Low, it also features a purple and blue color-way that is applied to the leather upper and a yellow sole. A big thank you to Steve of Denim and Sole for the heads up!

Converse Fall 2008 Samples
Converse Fall 2008 Samples

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  1. Energy Wave was the biggest joke. I remember when it came out, we thought "an 8 year old could come up with this technology"

    I was the first sign that converse was no-longer in the same ballpark as nike/reebok/adidas

  2. Bought a pair of Converse Energy wave tennis shoes with the signature saw tooth sole in '91/2. Best tennies I've ever owned. Have never been able to find them again…regretable.