Concepts New Balance 999 The Kennedy

Boston sneaker boutique Concepts connected with New Balance to release the Concepts x New Balance 999 ‘The Kennedy’ back in 2011. Now for 2017 we will see a release take place again which will be exclusively available at ComplexCon.

Inspiration for this New Balance 999 comes from president John F. Kennedy and his love for sailing which is popular in Boston.

Deon Point who is the creative director for Concepts confirmed the re-release by sharing an image on Instagram. He shared that the release will take place on November 4th and mentioned ComplexCon.

For those interested in attending ComplexCon, it runs from November 4th through the 5th which will be full of exclusive releases. Make sure to check back with us for updates.

11.5.17 @complexcon "Hyannis" Disclaimer: Manufactured in the US for over 75 years and representing a limited portion of our US sales, New Balance MADE us a premium collection that contains domestic value of 70% or greater.

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