Coming Soon: Bape Big Sta Boots!

After releasing a series of flake-o-riffic variant Air Force 1s that left the hip-hop fashion world in a disturbing tailspin of inelegant color combination and Phillistine patterns), Bape has sought to diversify both their apparel and footwear catalogs. The end result is the the Bape Sta Boot, a stable product fit for the perils of city streets and blustery wintertime temperatures. Featuring a wavy, crepe-colored midsole, the Sta Boot is mocked up in premium leathers and features a reinforced ankle collar. The brand’s shooting star logo graces the model’s midfoot. The boot will hit stateside retailers in Spring 2009 in a chocolate/beige color scheme and black/dark grey colorway. However, the Bape Big Sta Boot is available now in Japan and can be purchased at online retailer CliffEdge.

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  1. You could buy these, or…… could just step in some cow shit while barefoot.

    Same effect really.