Lets play a little word association if all you sneakerheads don’t mind. When you hear the name Trinidad James, what comes to mind? Is it his immense fixation with gold? Or could it be his equally large fixation with sneakers?

Luckily for all of you, we decided to go with his love for a fresh pair of sneakers. Aside from his knowledge of “hypebeasts,” James has been known to break out some sneaker heat. Whether he’s tearing up a stage performing his smash hit ‘All gold everything’ or pictured chilling with another notable celebrity sneakerhead, Big K.R.I.T, James has no problem with stepping out in a style that is truly in a class all by itself.

For his latest sneaker sighting, James was spotted rocking the upcoming adidas Mutombo Retro which is scheduled to release sometime in July. Although we are sure most ‘hypebeasts’ aren’t really too hype about this retro but James doesn’t seem phased at all as he, and his perm, are comfortably clad in his dashiki as they both are chilling next to Big K.R.I.T, who is rocking a pair of “Olympic” Air Jordan VI’s.

All jokes aside, keep reading after the jump to check out the photos of James in the previously mentioned adidas Mutombo Retro. In addition to copping the Mutombos early, James also grabbed a pair of the upcoming Ewing Focus Retro as well. After you check out the pics, be sure to share your thoughts on his fit. WOOOOO!!!

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