By the look of things, DJ Khaled is still suffering from success – not from his forthcoming album but from all these Air Jordan retros that he’s amassed in recent weeks.

Minus the rolex and cuban link chain, we spot a few upcoming retros from Jordan Brand’s Holiday 2013 delivery. Well, let’s see, there’s the Air Jordan V (5) “Bel-Air”, Air Jordan V (5) “Oreo”, Air Jordan V (5) “Shanghai”, and last but not least, the Air Jordan XI (11) “Gamma Blue”. Which retro are you most excited about?

Check out DJ Khaled as he shows off his new (and old) kicks, and as always, be sure to stay tuned to Sneaker Files for more Celebrity Sneaker Watch news.

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  1. He’s probably like “Damn, it don’t matter how many J’s i have, Nicki still don’t wanna fuck with me”

  2. All shitty Jordans… I love how people always buying retros with their money. Buy something OG, of higher quality, or save your money.

  3. i find it sad dudes wait til their 40’s to be a “sneaker head”. fad to them, way of life for us.

  4. I feel like most y’all hatin on his heat just cuz he’s DJ Khaled. And pope chuck Paul Maybe it’s cuz they couldn’t afford js when they were in there teens and 20s? Gotta put other shit into perspective.

  5. Doesn’t matter……I am NEVER impressed when celebrity cats show their cops…..a NORMAL cat with this would be worth showing…….we know these ppl have $$ and plugs for shit most can’t get……

  6. These are not heat! There was one release this year that luke warm and that’s the xi lows from JB

  7. i see he dosent have those ugly ass jordan 3lab5 5s that dropped yesterday: 5s are my favorite air jordans but those were hideous

  8. General Release sneakers, no exclusives haha. If i was him i would have my own PE’sdone by JB not regular shit i will have in a few weeks!

  9. Let that man breathe! Celebrity or not, he’s still an individual and should have the right to post his sneaker game without being shitted on! It’s crazy how much people hate on another just because they put themselves in better situations. Good pic my dude. Hell, I guarantee everyone hating on this pic will or have copped a pair of Jays on this pic and will post a pic of it on their page. Stop hating and learn to appreciate!

  10. Im not hating at all. I’m 30 & I’ve been doing this since I was 13. Khaled been on for a long time and juat started doing this. Dj clark kent been doing this for a long time, fat joe been doing it for a long time, fab also. Some dudes just jump on the wave cuz its hot. 1 out of like every 5 jordan retros are hot. And just because someone disagrees its not hate. I didn’t say anything disrespectful at all. Plus there’s nothing seriois. You can go to sneaker con and see real heat. My opinion not yours. Best part about this country right? Go G-Men!

  11. O n for da record I been a sneaker head since jordans was dropping on Skool days not on bitch ass Saturdays yea I used to cut Skool to cop n I still graduated so fuck all u sneaker head dick riders

  12. No grapes in that pic? All the fire reds and ones that dropped this year? Taste level at waste level. Each is own, but there’s no heat. Saran Boyfriendnumbertwo