If there were any one person that we would assume could get his hands on the “Ducks” Air Jordan V, it would have to be Chi McBride. No stranger to our Celebrity Sneaker Watch section, McBride has been spotted on several occasions rocking some bonafide unreleased heat. For his latest sighting, he delivers yet again. And this time he does so in an impressive fashion. Photographed reading his script for his upcoming appearance on Hawaii 5-0, McBride sat comfortably while rocking the previously mentioned pair of PE AJVs that currently has the PE sneaker world in a frenzy. Check out another look at Chi chilling in his latest acquisition and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  1. Pleaseeee stop with all the Oregon duck sh#t. People in the General Public will not be able to get there hands on them.