Prior to the start of last night’s New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets match-up, Carmelo was in the house for an exclusive Jordan Melo 1.5 #RiseToTheMoment to honor Carmelo Anthony and the sneaker that started it all for him, the Jordan Melo 1.5.

During this Jordan Brand event, Melo was spotted in front of the cameras holding his signature shoe which dons a “Knicks” colorway. A precious moment in itself, could this be the beginning of a triumphant return to center stage? Are these kicks coming sooner than expected?

As many of us are curious, we’ll definitely let you know when a release date is announced!

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  1. Are you kidding me No other player besides Jordan him self release a dope as shoe. I still have these joints in the classic Nuggets Colorway.

  2. My first pair of jays. Had em in the white n blue. Classic nugget color way :) them some dope ass kicks!

  3. Correction Nathan Navarro…. those arent Js!! Those are Carmelos…. get it together!!!

  4. Melo tbh you’re not even in the sneaker race. Your kicks used to look good. Not anymore

  5. Y’all just got blew out by Boston!!!!! You shouldn’t be allowed to wear anything with that logo……

  6. Saying, “They arent J’s, they’re Carmelo’s” is like saying “it’s not a Chevy, it’s a Camaro”.. ??