DeJesus HTown AJVs

If you weren’t able to make the 2013 Winter H-Town Sneaker Summit a few weekends back, here are some of the most detailed customs that you’ll find by none other than DeJesus Customs. These were displayed to show off during the event and were not for sale by any means. The shoe was based with Houston Texans colors of dark red and blue but with a lightning effect throughout the upper. The teeth along the side were designed for the woodgrain look that Houston SLAB, slow loud and banging, owners began using way back in the day. Logos for the Astros, Rockets, Texans and even the Houston Oilers were painted onto the sides of the heel while all 4 Jumpmen (1 on each tongue, and 1 on each heel) represented a Houston superstar including Arian Foster and Dwight Howard on the tongues and Houston rap legends Bun B and the late DJ Screw on the heels. Sneaker Summit logos were also placed on the kicks to finish up some of the most intriguing customs seen to date.

Are you feeling the “All Things Houston” Air Jordan V’s (5)? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for more updates on everything sneakers!

DeJesus HTown AJVs

DeJesus HTown AJVs

Via @dejesuscustoms

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  1. Jose Batista is to broke for Js
    Nd Ezequiel Chávez fosure £S£ ill copp those hot babiies

  2. Jose Batista dang really bro & Yovany Martinez now these ill buy wanna buy my moto x off me

  3. Fuck all you pussy ass hoods and states out there east side H-town all the way fuck where you from.

  4. Sick lighting strikes the first but you guys are better Off starting your own sneaker company then redesigning Nike pair’s cause then it’s more exclusive but great work dejesus customs

  5. This is why no toilet in the house! Mindful thinking when your spending 350 for a pair of sneakers!

  6. That’s Stupid Af Why Would Jordan Make A Shoe For The Rockets If He Played For The Bulls … Lol ?

  7. Oh shoooot, dem jokers are nice son. As soon as I get outta the welfare office ima gonna go put 2.35 worth of gas in my crown vic then I gettin them jokers.

  8. Gurl you know those are one of a kind lol! I wouldn’t wear them, but those are pretty neat!