Cam’ron has no care in the world as he shares with us a look inside his unorganized sneaker closet.

Easily frustrated by the clutter that obstructs his marble floor, Cam’ron may need a helping hand in cleaning up. As you may notice the pile of Reebok boxes, the Harlem general and savvy rapper/business man has most recently showed off his Reebok Classics pick-ups and has been spotted in the Reebok Shaq Attaq Ghost of Christmas “Present”.

Could Cam’ron be the newest Reebok brand ambassador? Stay tuned to find out and share your thoughts on Cam’s closet in our comments below.

via mr_camron

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  1. That shit don’t impress me! If your every day Joe has a collection like this, then I’d be impressed! Not celebrities who already got a shitload of CA$H !

  2. Can’t really tell what they are… Just some air max and Reebok on the floor.