Last night, Jay-Z joined forces with Eminem and a long list of several other recording artists to put on an absolute spectacle during what was the first concert ever held at the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. Of course, some of us in attendance were checking out not only the tunes but also the performers’ attire. Jay-Z was seen once again rocking what appears to be the high-top Lanvin sneaker he’s become pretty fond of. Eminem was seen rocking a pair of Nike Air Max 1s in his favorite black/white/grey color palette, while Yeezy rocked his red Jaspers and Drake took the stage wearing the recently released Air Jordan IX “Charcoal.” Check out some pictures of the performers and their “shoefits” after the jump- any guesses as to what they might be wearing to today’s concert?

Photos via FlyStyleLife.

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  1. i cant believe you guys messed up with what yeesy is wearing, he is wearing louis vuitton DON NOT JASPER at least you guys got the color right lol

  2. air max's are soft regardless, drakes bout the only one with decent shoes, yeezy lvs are always dope but hes a terd. uhhhhh jigga has on somme buuuullll shiiitttt.

  3. @timcinnati: Wow! Air maxes are soft? Wow!

    Jordans are classics so I won't say anything about them.

  4. To each his own; if Em's swag is Air Maxes, then there's nothing wrong with that.

    Just because you don't like Air Maxes doesn't mean they aren't fresh, and just because they aren't exclusive like kicks from LV doesn't mean they can't look better.

    In the same way, Drake's not the only one with fresh kicks since he's the only one with a Jumpman on 'em. I like them, but they're of sub-par quality and I'd take those Lanvins that Jay's rockin' over them in a second.

    It's called diversity – you should give it a try rather than following the hype machine sometimes because I'm saying hyped-up sneakers aren't the only nice ones out; sometimes they aren't even nice and they're still bought because Jordan Brand decided to throw their logo on it or Kanye's name is attached to the shoe.

    SMH at Yeezy rotating all-red outfits day in and out: one occasion was acceptable, but it's really not setting any trends unless it was a more neutral colour that you don't look foolish rocking on the regular (ex. Jay-Z's all-black everything).

    SMH at Nikki for simply being such a weirdo – rap's Lady Gaga equivalent in every way.

    Pretty much SMH at all publicity chasing stars, though it's obvious the purpose of their outfit was served since they have people talking.

    /end rant.