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Celebrity Shoe Sightings (PF Flyers Edition)

The glitzy men of Hollywood love their PF Flyers. Posture Foundation classics like the Cousy Hi, Albin, and Windjammer can be dressed up with layers or work with a more subdued fit. Celebrated funnyman Will Ferrell might have struck out with “The Land of The Lost”, but hits one to the fences in a pair of blue canvas Cousy Lo. After the jump you’ll see Chace Crawford from “Gossip Girls” and actors Ryan Reynolds and James Marsden in the Cousy Reissue Series, too. “Transformers” frontman Shia LaBeouf stays in PF’s Number 5 model on the daily.

Nate Archibald (for those in the know) pairs white canvas Cousy Lo tops with grey denim and a unique flannel coat.

Marsden cools out in white canvas Cousys and a grey v-neck. James plays Cyclops from the “X-Men” series, but I think the girl with the face paint looks scarier than James with his curly locks. Is it just me?

If Reynolds coordinated his outfits this nicely, I don’t know how Sandra Bullock could’ve hated him in “The Proposal”! What do you think of the red canvas Cousy Lo?

Shia sports the grey/blue Number 5 during a quick jaunt to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Are those Bugle Boy jeans he’s wearing?

The PF Flyers Cousy Lo and Number 5 are available now at PFFlyers.com.

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