Last year, Austin Jermacans won the 2009 Air Jordan Future Sole Contest with his submission of an Air Jordan Melo M6. Well, Austin later presented Carmleo Anthony with his winning design, which the NBA star then debuted on the hardwood floor last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. But it doesn’t end there. In June, team Jordan Brand will be releasing a limited run of the winning Future Sole Air Jordan Melo M6 for fans to have a chance at owning this basketball shoe as well, instead of giving only the Carmelo the privilege (which is, unfortunately, often the case). Enjoy the pictures after the jump.

Action Shots via YahooSports.

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  1. seen my man melo gettin money in these jants las night. they not that bad to ball in. wont be rockin these on the streets nowhere though.

  2. not to hate but how did these shoes win?? der ugly forreal dey look like da jordan slippers sept wit ankle support

  3. theyre nice shoes. they were an overall good idea and concept. everything doesnt have to be for the streets bruh people do hoop. you can wear those with some nice cargo shorts and tshirt and be okay. theyre dope!