Just Don Hat for $675 and Reserve a pair of the Air Jordan 2

Just Don will ensure you get a pair of his Air Jordan 2s that are dropping at the end of the month if you fork over $675 for one of his Jordan Brand hats.

You will still have to buy the shoes for $275, which at the end of the day you will spend $950 before tax. Now there are a couple ways to look at this. If you’re a reseller or just looking for a quick come-up, the $950 price tag isn’t terrible as they will go for more aftermarket. Let’s say you want to wear them or you plan on adding to your collection, you might be better off paying someone double what they retail for early on, or you could even purchase a bot.

We have a strong feeling that the Just Don x Air Jordan 2 is going to be a hectic release, but one thing we do know for sure is they are dropping on Nike Store.

Note: At the time of writing, JustDon.com is down. Also the hat with blue trim is already sold out.

Just Don x Air Jordan 2 Matching Hats

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