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Burn Rubber & HypebeastTV Talk Detroit & the Reebok 30th Anniversary Classic Leather | Video

HypebeastTV talks with the good folks of Burn Rubber about Reebok, Detroit, and their forthcoming collaboration, the Burn Rubber x Reebok Classic Leather “Spirit of Detroit”.

The notable creative partnership between Rick Williams and Roland Coit – collectively known as Burn Rubber – are the latest subjects as part of Hypebeast’s ongoing profile of various people of cultural significance. Discussing the concept behind their Detroit sanctuary – noting that it’s a place where patrons are free to express their opinions on everything from politics to religion to hip-hop, the guys then segue into their first experiences with Reebok. Talking fondly of the Classic Leather, they further discuss how they came to the design principles for the storied 30th anniversary of a “shoe that will always be around” from Reebok.




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