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The “Brooklyn Art Project” Collection by Ecentrik Artistry

the-brooklyn-art-project-by-ecentrik-artistryNew York City is notorious for it’s tough love nature, and as the east coast haven for big dreamers looking to make it big in whatever trade they’re skilled in. After all, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, right? The thing about the city that never sleeps is that you have to be on your grind 24/7. Some might find that a bit torturous, but real hustlers get a kick out of the lifestyle. But don’t be fooled by busy bodies swarming Time Square, that’s just one side of it all. New York-based sneaker artist, Ecentrik Artistry, takes us on an adventure through his favorite borough -Brooklyn.

“One of the main things that brought me to New York years ago was the amount of artistic inspiration there is here.  As a lifelong artist, I’ve always been the type of person who gathers inspiration not just from actual art, but things in life, itself, that most people take for granted.  It could be anything from random scenery to fashion to canvas art to graffiti art….all things that Brooklyn has in abundance.” -Ecentrik Artistry,

The “Brooklyn Art Project” Collection by Ecentrik Artistry has five sneaker models from multiple brands featuring Brooklyn-inspired artwork throughout. Sneakers became unconventional canvases for Ecentrik, as he applied artwork that represents his own interpertations of the things that he observes in his daily travels. Transparent references to specific hot spots, like Williamsburg and Coney Island, make appearances in this project, while more abstract themes arise in the form of the adidas Originals Superstar II “Scenery”. The Nike Air Force 1, Air Jordan III (3), Air Jordan V (5) and Puma Roma sneaker models make up the rest of collection. If you’re interested in a pair of these customs, check out the Ecentrik Art online shop! More shots of the entire “Brooklyn Art Project” down below! 

the-brooklyn-art-project-by-ecentrik-artistry the-brooklyn-art-project-by-ecentrik-artistry the-brooklyn-art-project-by-ecentrik-artistry the-brooklyn-art-project-by-ecentrik-artistry

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