British Knights Are BackBritish Knights is bringing back the exact late 1980’s look and style that caused the brand to be popular at the time. From the brand’s first sneaker launch in 1985 through the early ‘90’s British Knights rose to the highest levels of the athletic footwear industry. These meticulous replications, the identical sole mold to the precise matching of signature BK prints, elicit the retro feeling of the extreme late 80’s.

British Knights are also teaming up with leading industry designers to produce innovative, cutting edge cooperations. BK and Gio Chiappetta (Pro Wolf Master) are debuting a sneaker in May called the “Purple Wizard Moccasin” (photo on left). A vibrant purple based graphic hi top- an ’89 shoe redesign in ‘08. A leather hi-top with canvas details.

May 1, 2008 will initiative the launch of the first 4 1989 classic BK styles as well as the ‘Purple Wizard Moccasin’ shoe by Gio Chiappetta (Pro Wolf Master), followed on June 15, 2008 with the next four shoes from the ’89 collection.

Releasing at and at select retailers as well.


  1. Man I remember I had the MC Hammer BK jump offs back in like 3rd grade LOL. I also had a pair of the lows with the big on the side. Man bringing back memories, but these are not whats up i cant even see myself rocking bk's anymore. easy pass

  2. Damn the Burger Kings(BK) came back swear? LMAO!!!!!! I used to rock the hell outta these joints yo.

  3. This is very interesting. Can't get with the purple pair, but if they release something a little more tame I might be able to swing it. I had a pair of black/white lowtops mack in like '88 or '89 and wouldn't mine having a pair of those again.

    Who knows, if the re-releases are successful, we might see the return of those L.L. Cool J Troops. Now who remembers those?

  4. THESE ARE NOT HARD LIKE MY SNAKESKIN BRITISH KNIGHTS I HAD IN THE 4TH GRADE remember the kool moe dee commercial with the turtle running to the finishline??? i do… how ya like me know!!!


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