Bodega x Converse First String Pro Leather Ox 'Ride or Die' Restock

The Bodega x Converse First String Pro Leather Ox “Ride or Die” has been restocked at Bodega for $100.

Inspired by the 1960’s Mods and Rockers subcultures, Bodega collaborates with Converse in the release of the Ride or Die pack, featuring the Converse Pro Leather. Combining modernist subtleties with a masculine edge, the Ride or Die pack employs a variety of unorthodox materials that clash and brawl with each other. The Pro Leather Ox features fine detail accented against premium black leather.  While the Pro Leather mid employs pony hair that gives the sneaker an understated sheen typical of high fashion pieces. Though the Pro Leather originated with Dr. J on the basketball court, Bodega’s Ride or Die pack fits whether you’re on your bike doing 100mph down the highway or kicking back while listening to The Who. In changing the way Converse’s classic silhouette is interpreted, Bodega continues to reset expectations and create innovative designs.