Bobby Fresh Universal Jordan 8 Playoff T-Shirt

Sometimes the style of clothing you like or want Jordan Brand does not match to your standards. In this case Bobby Fresh might be the way to go. His newest T-Shirt called “Universal” was made to match your Air Jordan 8 Playoffs.

The Bobby Fresh Universal T-Shirt pays homage to Michael Jordan and his commercials for the Jordan 8 with Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian. As you can see, it is only a silhouette of Michael, Bugs and Marvin but you can easily tell which one is which. Available now at Bobbyfresh.

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  1. This line is slowly falling off and I ain't here to knock the hustle, but the truth hurts! I like the fact that Fresh knows the science on these shoes,but lets get ceative(no cut and paste jobs)! The official sneakerhead collection "Sneaker Boy" lanches Jan. 2008!!!*** All sneaker clothing lines BEWARE*** More info

  2. ^^^^Falling off?^^^^

    The line is bigger and stronger than ever! LOL

    They are now sold in a lot of Japan and Europe boutiques and skate shops.

    They have also just opened up contracts with shops in France.

    Also, they do not just cater to kicks, they also have a lot of non shoe related shirts.

    Godd luck on your venture and keep in mind that 10/12 clothing lines that start up, end up falling off within the the first month or two.

    Bobby Fresh has been around for quite sometime now and im pretty sure they will remain strong.

    From what i was told, they will ahve their line of jeans and jackets out soon!

  3. Wack again! Putting big ol "bobby fresh" on the front is gay. The only thing I liked about this shirt if the pattern of the 8's on the planet, Saturn. Bugs and Marvin were more involved with the hare Jordans than the 8s, so that is wack by itself. Some of Bobby Fresh's $hit is kool….just not lately.

    Bobby Fresh cant hold a fukin candle to MiGente's clothing line…it aint even close!!!

    Good luck, sneakerboysociety…'re gonna need it!

  4. this shirt is hot. and yea bugs was more 4 da hares. but marvin martian was all about 8s. check out jordans commcercial when da og aquas came out. its on youtube. but yea likin da shirt