Bobby Fresh The Color Box Tee

While Spring break has come and gone for many, Bobby Fresh takes a back to school approach for their The Color Box tee. The t-shirt features a Crayola like shoe box sitting on top of a student’s desk. The box reads “I Got Kicks, Different Colors” with a pair of sneakers sitting inside the box. The brand’s logo is placed on the side of the box as well as a Fresh 101 book under desk. The Color Box tee is now available at Bobby Fresh’s web store for the price of $31 and comes in white or black.

Bobby Fresh The Color Box Tee

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  1. it looks like there's two testicles bursting out that box, and even worst, from afar, it looks like cock with a pink top.

  2. i remember back in the day i had a desk like that. Man brings back the good ol days. Dope tee