Bobby Fresh Aqua Man T-Shirt

Are you planning on purchasing a pair of Air Jordan 8 Aqua’s? Although Jordan Brand will release matching clothing around the same time as the Aqua VIII Drop, other clothing lines are making some Jordan VIII inspired stuff. If you have not seen any of Bobby Fresh clothing then the new Aqua Man shirt is a great first preview. The front has Aqua Man swimming with a pair of Air Jordan Aqua VIII. Act fast because the Bobby Fresh Aqua Man T-Shirt is limited and will sell fast. Available now at Bobby Fresh.

Bobby Fresh Aqua Man T-Shirt
Bobby Fresh Aqua Man T-Shirt

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  1. You can purcahse these limited tee's now at FlipJays.Com and LacesnSoles.Com before they are sold out. Only 500 Tee's will be made $40 with free shipping in the continental USA.

  2. ya eastbay got a tight shirt thats says og and has picture of 8s its pretty hot to ill cop dat and its not 40 bucks

  3. ^it's a nice shirt, but the problem i have with the shirt is it says OG. For what reason, Idk why, but I am going to get the white graphic tee.

    As for a this shirt, I like it a lot, but 40$! come on, I don't wouldn't spend that much on a shirt.