Bobbito was recently interviewed by MaZe on his new collaboration with PRO-Keds, the PRO-Keds x Bobbito Garcia Royal Flash Collection. Kool Bob lovingly uncovers the oxblood (burgundy) version, recalls his very first pair of PRO-Keds, and shows off his worn pair of Royal Flash Mids from ’79 that he picked up on the low in Spanish Harlem in 1990. To learn more, please visit!

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  1. how do u mispell palante…newyoricans think they are boricua funny. no better yet indians conquered by Hispanics thinking their black.

  2. Sp1der…We Nuyoricans (NewYoricans) are Boricuas who are first, second or even third generation New Yorkers. Boricuas were not Indians, only people from the Asian nation of "India" are Indians.

    Boricuas are Tainos who were a native tribe of the Caribean.

    Conquered by Spaniards, the term Hispanic came later after Spain conquered all of the Caribean, Central and South America.

    Peruvians, Colombians, Dominicans "Latinos" etc. Peace and Love to you. Xen

  3. Looking back to my October comment as for New York Ricans thinking their black, Puerto Ricans are Tri-racial- African, Taino and Spanish (Spaniard).