The Big Nike, one of Nike’s newest creations, has been making a splash since its inception for its sleek design and releases such as the Flinstones Pack. Well, Nike is at it again- this time with a Big Nike sneaker that pays homage to Lil’ Dez. The Lil’ Dez character became famous for being Kobe Bryant’s and Lebron James’ nagging little puppet friend on those Nike commercials we (well, most of us besides the Orlando Magic) couldn’t get enough of until the Black Mamba became the only two of the pair of superstars to make it through to the NBA Finals.

This particular Big Nike commemorates not only the impressionistic Lil’ Dez, but also Kobe Bryant (and, by association, the Los Angeles Lakers) for capturing the NBA Finals trophy. With a picture of Lil’ Dez on the tongue, “Congrats Kobe” written along the outer ankle area, and “MVP”/”24” on the back of the left and right tongue, respectively, this Big Nike is ready to hit select quickstrike Nike accounts VERY soon. There is even a matching shirt that can be copped with this pair to make sure you’re all hooked up! Check out more pics after the jump.

Via SoleCollector.

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  1. You know anyone who shops at Footlockers thinks that these dope, the colour way is weak, and so is the art work, another fine example that Nike and the SB era is over, the independents now rein the waves

  2. yo these r mad fresh!!! r these gonna be around in the baltimore area in maryland????????????

  3. These remind me of my air jordan 1 retro sport ls just gotta change up the laces. Buy i want that shirt where can i get that at?

  4. truth and hope ur freakin hater and hypebeast just bcuz its not sb doesnt mean its not good

    its fire and the artowrk is supposed to be like that u dumb bitch

  5. dear cool kid, how can ne 1 b called a hater commenting on a corporate giant like Nike, there not exactly down 4 the street r they, n if u cud read u wud realise I said Nike and sb era r over, ppl are waking up to Nike’s marketing tactic's and as a result are repudiating by supporting independents, who r the ones that move the industry forward and giv us the culture we all love, rather then put money in the pocket of sum suited up exec’ wake up