Big Baller Brand LaMelo Ball Logo

We just showcased Lonzo Ball’s new signature shoe, the ZO2 Prime Remix but that isn’t the only thing in the news today for Big Baller Brand. They have been accused of stealing another logo for LaMelo Ball’s signature shoe, the Melo Ball 1.

From CTV News, Hana Engel, owner of Modern Body in Canada is a Yoga studio located in Ottawa. She feels that her logo looks much like the logo used on LaMelo Ball’s signature shoe.

This isn’t the first time that Big Baller Brand has been accused of stealing a logo. When Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe was unveiled, Ohio State wide receiver coach Zach Smith accused the brand of stealing their logo.


Hana Engel has retained a copyright lawyer to send a letter to Big Baller Brand. While we will have to wait for the outcome, its possible that will may see a Melo Ball 1 Remix. Check out both logos below and visit the comments section with your thoughts.

Big Baller Brand LaMelo Ball Logo