Bape Black Label Roadsta

Releasing under their Black Label collection, this Bape Roadsta is among many simple based colored models. Featured, is a combination of black full grain and patent leather, a nice mixture of different materials. Release is reported to be on June 21st exclusively at Bapeclusive retailing at 16, 590 Yen. Via hb.


  1. When I first saw these, I immediately was reminded of the Black Cat IIIs–which I would MUCH rather prefer…….and at 2/3 the cost of those wack Bapes.

  2. These are actually clean. I wish Bape open up alot of stores in the USA so everyone can enjoy their products and also lower the damn prices…I would not pay more than $125 for these shoes.

  3. I think Bape is eventually going to have to lower their prices significantly if they want business…with up and coming shoe brands like Greedy Genius, an Creative Recreation Bape is losing customers left and right…I mean come on one pair of shoes for 300 dollars when I can buy a JB pack with two shoes…come on easy call….GET ON YOUR GAME BAPE…BBC AND ICE CREAM NEED TO STEP UP TOO!!

  4. I don't think price is nearly as much of an issue as rarity is. I mean, part of the hype is that its so exclusive (and yes, exclusive), but here in America we only have one or two stores. Keep in mind that for those of us who don't live near a bape store and have to resort to online retail, not only are we paying around $150-$200 (which in reality is around the price you pay for fusions), we're also paying for the additional price jacking done by those wholesale sites and the ridiculous S&H costs to get the shoes to your door. If there were a few more stores (just a few, we don't need EVERYONE rockin BAPE) this would be less of an issue.

    But, price is a big problem, especially since BAPEs are little more than nikes with neon paint most of the time. The sad thing is these are some of the cheapest stas I've seen so far and I STILL wouldn't pay that much money for them.

  5. I dont think u people understand what Nigo is doing here. If everybody rocks bapes then its boring and gets wack. Like for real Soulja Boy and bootleggers killed US demand for Bape years before it should have been. And the price tag represents fashion. I mean u not gone pay 10$ for real Prada or Louis Vuitton shoes not just because the materials are high-class(like BAPE) but because if everybody has em it's not special. Air Force 1=Average BAPE Sta=Hipster. If u dont wanna pay 2 be fly than buy you some damn Forces and don't complain about shit u don't know about.


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