B-Original Spizike T-Shirt By Bobby Fresh

Bobby Fresh artistic touch and his transformation of high lights in Michael Jordan’s career and sneakers shows why the clothing line has sky rocketed. New T-Shirt for the Air Jordan Spizike OG featuring Michael Jordan holding the Spizike instead of the Championship Trophy. You can purchase now at Bobbyfresh.

B-Original Spizike T-Shirt By Bobby Fresh
B-Original Spizike T-Shirt By Bobby Fresh

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    Anyone getting some massive irony off this phrase?

    B-ORIGINAL on a tshirt by a guy whose designs are almost exclusively taken from other people/shoes?

    B-ORIGINAL on a tshirt being worn by people who are wearing shoes that are reproductions of shoes that were made 15-20 or even more years ago?

    Haha… hilarious…

  2. Yeah the B original stuff dont make sense, nor does that big ass shoe MJ is holding that joint looks kinda fake. I dont know the artwork is cool though, I just feel they coulda put more effort into it, ya diiiiiig?

  3. The shirt is hot they just need to take that "B-Original" part off, they should've put the picture of Mike and the Spiz'ike backs facing us on the back.

  4. Hey I went to their website and they have some pretty dope shirts, I MIGHT cop 2 of em bcuz they cost $40 each !!! A little to pricey…so I dont know yet.

  5. Bobby Fresh has some dope shirts, but these ones are just wack. B-original is so contradictory, too. What a weak-ass and disappointing attempt! I'll pass.