It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from APL and their model, the Concept 1. The NBA-banned sneaker premiered a couple years ago with it’s innovative and ground breaking Load N’ Launch technology to give the user and extra boost in jumping performance.

Although, mixed reviews of the sneaker were going left and right, APL stuck to it’s roots and is back for 2012 with a new sneaker – the APL Concept 2. The model features a 2-piece carbon fiber upper construction, ventilated mesh tongue and the infamous Load N’ Launch tech.

What’s different in material design is the newly developed 4-layer insole which encases the Load N’ Launch and spring shank. All this performance is packed into this 15 ounce sneaker.

The price also maintains a relatively lightweight status with a price tag of $175 at






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  1. Look like some K-mart/And 1’s to me. I really would like them to try the load and launch technology in a lightweight shoe.