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Asics “Faded Suns” Customs | by eBreez3

Asics Faded Suns Customs By eBreez3

One of my personal favorite artists, eBreez3 is back at the chopping block again but this time he brings out the Asic Gel Lyte III to give it some extra flavor to create the “Faded Suns” custom.

Inspired by a concept via’d ComplexSole, the “Faded Suns” starts off with a nice bright orange that shines the top around the tongue and heel. Fading down, one side of the custom is seen with a grey coating around the upper and Asics lining, while the other side is seen with white fading down to grey. A nice simplistic touch. As you can see, the purple around the heel and toe remains untouched since it fits very well within the concept eBreez3 was trying to do. The mid-sole fades perfectly to flow the purple, white, and black coloring around the entire sneaker, which presents itself very nicely.

On our usual talk, I had a couple minutes to ask eBreez3 some personal questions:

Russ: What made you design the faded suns?
eBreez3: The design was based off of the Asics Slam Jams. The concept with introduced to me by ComplexSole via Instagram.

Russ: What’s your favorite NBA team and why?
eBreez3: As far as my favorite basketball team, I’m not really into sports. Growing up I was always drawing or painting. In high school I got into watching basketball games but felt it was too late for me to be a hardcore supporter. Lol

Russ: Do you think lebron is the next Michael Jordan?
eBreez3: As far as me thinking Lebron being the next Jordan, I believe lebron can be as iconic as MJ is. Due to the fact the he is one of the top players in the league and will constantly be compared to Mj.

eBreez3 never seizes to amaze on his artistic talent. Growing up into painting and drawing will definitely give a person that ability to have a technique for customizing sneakers. Like I usually tell artists, “Your not born into the art, you are the art”. Which eBreez3 understands and shows us with his ability to create artistic customs. So this leads me to my final question, what is next in store for eBreez3 to design? Any sneaker-heads out there with any requests or ideas? Leave a comment down below.

Asics Faded Suns Customs By eBreez3

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