The And 1 brand put itself back on the sneaker map with a recent return of the Tai Chi silhouette in several colorways. It’s also sure to draw some attention with a shoe design that actually never released. Pictured here is the And 1 team’s attempt at taking the name of their Wonder Mid sneaker pretty literally and applying a “Wonder Bread” theme onto it. The same Wonder Bread designs we’re used to seeing holding several slices of bread can be seen on this wear test sample with the “Wonder” brand name being replaced with that of “AND 1.” Enjoy several pictures that have surfaced online of this unreleased wonder after the jump.


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  1. Larry bird's signature shoe…..

    White boy's official b- ball shoe!!

    Wiggas finally got there version of AF1..

    naw I'm jus clowin I had 2 if u got offended plz…do like your mom's and storke my shaft wit your tongue!!

  2. These shoes look better than any in their whole lineup. Why the hell didn't they get released???????

  3. They need to release about 150 pairs of these so that and 1 will stop being laughed at. Even at around 150 a pair they would sell out.