Allen Iverson Confirms the Return of the Reebok Question

Previously mentioned back in December, Allen Iverson himself has confirmed that his signature Reebok Question is indeed set for a return this year.

Speaking to XXL while on the set of the music video for Swizz Beatz’s latest single, “Street Knock”, Iverson confirmed that he is still associated with Reebok and that the brand will be reissuing his first signature sneaker later this year.

While a release date is currently unknown, stay tuned for details and let us know if you’ll be picking up this 2012 retro when it hits retail.

Allen Iverson Confirms the Return of the Reebok Question


  1. Ross Grimes says:

    the questions were the only pair of reeboks i ever owned … still i feel like these have been released/retro’ed so much that it doesn’t even matter. AI fell off the map …

  2. pl0xpl0xz says:

    i know these wont sell out they will eventually end up in the sales racket but these shoes is one of the best looking iversons

  3. I’ll be coping these for sure. I’m still made I didnt take off and cop some of those concords, but I won’t miss these.

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