Alessandro Dell’Acqua is another fashion designer to capitalize on the demand for luxe sneakers.  His spring 2009 collection includes a line of high and low tops.  Like Lanvin and YSL, Alessandro Dell’Acqua keeps the design style of the sneaker classic and uses embellishments (patent leather, velcro straps and hardware) to make the shoe pop.  The white leather and Vernice Blue patent shown above comes in other variations including nylon and patent leather. Alessandro Dell’Acqua Patent Leather Sneaker retails for $393. dellacqua-hightop-white-vernice-patent1

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  1. I guess I'm gettin' old cuz I'm just not feelin' all this new super high top $#!+ with straps every where that every shoe company is doin'. I don't know, look's like some spaced out Mork & Mindy type $#!+….. Super Whack!

  2. yall need to stop say they a radii bite and a supra bite because alessandro's shoes been out 4 awhile now

  3. Not only are these ugly ass shoes but they are ridiculously expensive too! If I saw someone on the street rockin these I would laugh and shake my head. Just cause there expensive DOESN"T mean there hot!