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Air Max 1 EM “Fashion Killa” | by CDKsneakers

Air Max 1 EM Fashion Killa by CDKsneakers

One of my personal favorite artists, CDK brings out the Air Max 1 EM “Fashion Killa” to show off to the sneaker community. Inspired by the upcoming leopard summer releases, CDK took an original spring release Air Max 1 and gave it a whole lot of flavor. A$AP Rocky’s song “Fashion Killa” was used as inspiration as well for this Air Max; hence the name in the title.

The swagged out Air Max 1 is coated with leopard print engineered mesh to provide the elegance and style that CDK was trying to go for. A black coated heel clip and a dashing Solar Red mid-sole sitting atop a white bottom adds that flavor that matches the theme appropriately. Seeing these customs, I needed to see what was on CDKs mind in the process of all this at the time being. CDK and I had a nice conversation regarding the Air Max 1’s:

Russ: What made you decide to make custom Air Max 1’s?
CDK: The Air Max 1 was my first try at a fabric material. I liked that I was doing something different and I liked the texture of the Engineered Mesh. The way that the engineered mesh took to the paint made it look like actual fur and it turned out fantastic.

Russ: What base was used to create the “Fashion Killa”?
CDK: On the Air Max 1 I used an airbrush to paint the Engineered Mesh yellow. For the leopard print and the back tab I used a paintbrush. I also swapped the laces out.

Russ: The custom game is getting intense, what are you trying to accomplish?
CDK:  My main goal in the custom game is to be different. I find inspiration from a lot of other customizers in the game, but I am always looking to define my own path. It does get difficult at times, however, because I always let the customer decide, and often they see a custom that someone else did and want it to be recreated. In times like that, I work with the customer to use their idea as the inspiration but make the custom our own.
I also don’t create size runs of customs, instead I customize sneakers per request.

Russ: How do you think customs will be toward comparing them to actual sneakers?
CDK:  I think that custom sneakers have definitely changed the game of buying sneakers. I see it as a trend of consumerism today; people aren’t looking for the big retailers anymore, they are looking for the small business that they can get to know and will received personalized service.

As far as customs becoming bigger than sneakers, I don’t think that will ever happen. A lot of the time, the customization can be nothing without a strong base shoe. For instance, the Sunset custom would have easily been looked over if it was on a Nike Free as opposed to the Rosherun or the Foamposite that I did it on.
Also, the sneaker game is bigger today than it has ever been. I know that I’m not the only one that gets slightly upset when I see someone with the same sneakers on as me. People want their own look, and with sneakerheads, that starts at their feet. Not everyone has that “Nike Air” back tab or the Pigeon Dunk in their collection, but anyone can have a 1 of 1 custom.

Russ: What influences you to be a sneaker artist?
CDK:  My inspiration to be a sneaker artist is building for the future. I’ve loved sneakers for as long as I can remember, and I really got into the sneaker game in 2011. In December of 2011, I wanted a Christmas present for my girlfriend, and I tried my hand at customs. I took the Air Jordan III Black Flip and made them a South Beach custom. Looking back, I don’t really like the design, but it is nice to see how far I have come. After those Flips, I started getting interest from friends and the friends of friends and now random strangers.

One of my important factors of customizing is not doing it for the money. Sure, the money comes with the customization, but I’m not charging $400-500 to do it. Although I may value my craft higher in the future, I don’t see the point in upcharging my work. I paint sneakers because it’s what I love to do and it keeps my artistic imagination stimulated and growing.
Aside from sneaker customization, I am also a full-time student, majoring in Graphic Design. My dream job is to design sneakers and/or cleats for Nike. I also work at a Nike store, part-time. On top of both of those, I also am interning at a design firm in Minneapolis, called Merge Creative Department. Coming in the next month or so, I will also be selling a clothing line.

CDK keeps it fashionable and always comes out with incredible works of art. I’m excited to see what he has got in store next to bring out to the sneaker world. Take a good look at the Air Max 1 EM “Fashion Killa” below and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Air Max 1 EM Fashion Killa by CDKsneakers

Air Max 1 EM Fashion Killa by CDKsneakers

Air Max 1 EM Fashion Killa by CDKsneakers

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