For all hardcore Michael Jordan fans or LeBron James haters, your worst nightmare has become a reality with this one of a kind custom by Freaker Sneaks. The same crew who brought us the Air Jordan III (3) “Dexter’s Lab” is now putting on for King James via a pair of Michael’s shoes. This Air Jordan IV (4) “Fire Red” was transformed into the “LeJordan” with a few simple accents including the Jumpman on the tongue that is now wearing a Miami jersey and is noticeably LeBron. The other feature that made these part LeBron is the heel logo that is also no longer the original Jordan Jumpman but is now the “LBJ 23” logo.

What do you think about these “LeJordan” Air Jordan IV’s? Tell us in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for updates on everything sneakers!


Via @freakersneaks


  1. King Jrod Lzup Smb says:

    They got mj fucked up
    Fuck lebron

  2. Corey B Washington says:

    Gross n so fuckin wrong!Smfh

  3. LaBarrin Ruffin says:

    this is like porn 2 me…… IV are my fav retros

  4. Jb Onsomeothershit says:

    This is so disrespectful Jordan should sue you

  5. Antonio Melgar says:

    You got to be fucking kidding me.

  6. Trestonta Still Blazin Thomas says:

    Horrible idea there is onli one g.o.a.t

  7. Vince Vance says:

    thats sacreligious right there

  8. Brandon Blake Rogers-Jones says:


  9. Dennis Cornett says:

    Billy Benson Thomas Sims hot shit

  10. Oscar Valenzuela says:

    This is an insult

  11. Victor Ramirez says:

    Wtf!!! Fucked up an amazing shoes with bullshit ….. Keep Jordans the way they are LeBron ain’t shit

  12. Dick Bigbilliebadazz Dart says:

    Hope this shits a fluke.

  13. Trestonta Still Blazin Thomas says:

    Dey need to put mike on one of his shoez and see how lbj fans act

  14. Shawn Sheets says:

    Ruined a beautiful shoe.

  15. Cody Prest says:

    this guy shouldnt be allowed to custom anymore

  16. Joshua Shell says:

    Should be the other way around….lets see mike on some lebrons…..

  17. Germaine Black Venomm Pullen says:


  18. Quentin Ngobeh says:

    must be a throwback that headband is way to low.

  19. Anthony Massey says:

    The posts b4 mine said enough.Not the reaction u thought u was gon get when u posted it,huh?

  20. Jesus Rico Duran says:

    It doesn’t look bad it’s just wrong to do it on someone’s shoe that isn’t yours

  21. Travis Scott Huffman says:

    They should burn these shoes.

  22. Steven Cazares says:

    Lebron is not Jordan never

  23. Charles Stevenson says:

    Dont do that

  24. BM De Vera says:

    tsk tsk tsk,.. SO WRONG!

  25. James Jamison says:

    That shit is so disrespectful

  26. Justin Draeger says:

    Whack sauce right there….

  27. Michael Martin says:


  28. Paul Jeffrey Victorio says:


  29. Mcfly Vaughn says:

    Anthony D Vaughn

  30. Lana Benz Ready Michelle says:

    Sooooooo disrespectful

  31. Lana Benz Ready Michelle says:

    I’m about to report as spam

  32. George W Schmidt IV says:

    I don’t like these..SJ Junior

  33. Dan Thunder Morris says:

    Get that bum off those shoes.. That’s the closet thing to Jordan he is gonna get..

  34. Germany Wisco Myles says:

    I’m a Lebron fan but this is a sin!!!! Wtf is wrong with him???

  35. SJ Junior says:

    Lmao. I dont blame you. George Schmidt

  36. Isaac Hardin says:

    Remove this pic or I’ll stop following you lol

  37. Emanuel Byers Jr. says:

    Ok, y’all doin to much!!!! Why fuck da Mikes up like that, ain’t shit cool about it.

  38. Adrian Rubio says:

    Alex Rubio look at this dumb ass custom haha

  39. Adrian Taylor says:

    No… Not just no, but HELL NO

  40. Kelvin Too Tall Barnett says:

    Jordan isn’t going to like this the only person the he would have a Lil more respect for on his shoe is kobe. That’s who he rather ppl to compare him to.. geez!

  41. Southcoastbeats says:

    sneakerfiles pretty dope !

  42. Jens Diedrichs says:

    :( Michelle Lalelucraft Sebastian Baytop Enrico Wunderlich

  43. Enrico Wunderlich says:

    BIG FAIL !!

  44. Michelle Nikki Lalelucraft says:

    Hell no ! So fucked up

  45. Robert Aguilar says:

    This is as bad as thoes stupid fuckin “MIKE WILL MADE IT” on the cover of the jordan hoodies. Trash. Cant recreate a brand but they jus want to cover it up.

  46. Charles Hill says:

    the hissyfits that is going to be on this page behind that shoe!

  47. Sebastian Baytop says:

    Ach du scheiße man also das da ist richtig große scheiße !!

  48. Anthony Skaff says:

    SKYMF Johan Gunterberg Christopher Martland Ristic

  49. Josh Bama Boy Green says:

    Joe Albanese Nick Arnold

  50. Trey Oursler says:

    It’s exactly what I thought was going to happen. I didn’t do the custom, I just write the articles so ya’ll can go crazy. haha

  51. Almon Mahaffy III says:

    Antavius Jamal

  52. Shawn Brohan Lovett says:

    damn i just started following and this the first shyt i see lol chill out

  53. Greylin Branch says:

    doin way too much

  54. Dewuan Jefferson says:

    This “custom” shit is getting out of hand.

  55. Sayad Madar says:

    The only logical explanation that I can come up with for this disaster is ATTENTION. These fools who created this monstrosity probably did this as a publicity stunt. Why oh why would you disrespect this shoe?

  56. John Sublette says:

    #Blasphemy …worst shoes ever. Prepare for laughter and treatment if someone from the chi sees these on your feet.

  57. Andrew Motohashi Kapalong says:


  58. This shit is an Abomination

  59. Matthew Goodin says:

    Matthew Armando Dubon SMMFH STR8 DISRESPECTFUL. They need to be BURNED ASAP. This is whats WRONG wit the sneaker game…. Destroying J’s

  60. Marcus Castro says:


  61. Justin Thyme Cogswell says:


  62. Alan Butler Jr. says:

    Bet ppl already lined up for these b

  63. Armando Saggz Montana says:

    Kuhp ErWhut

  64. Mister-Tote Dro Daily says:

    Lmao..ok…creative I will say tht!

  65. Niwde Yabcal says:

    Fuck logo, worst evah,.,only his airness this logo is belong…

  66. Max Fabian Romero says:

    They shud have his dunk on there not jordans

  67. Bling Rodriguez says:

    Who ever made this piece of shit . Get some laces n hang urself in ur closet for even making these . Real talk

  68. Ricky Salazar says:

    Gay ass fuck!!!!#!

  69. Czar Richie says:

    Smh! fuck that! Fuck your custom…

  70. ElliottChris Gomez says:

    Lol…he fukin sux..only one MIKE…#FASTTIMES

  71. Josh Cline says:

    It make more since if LeBron would had the 4’s on

  72. Terrence T-Bone Terry Goodman says:


  73. Anthony Ibarra says:


  74. Eder Mendoza B says:

    WTF W/THIS ??? DON´T DISRESPETC*** MJ*** W/THIS SHIT !!!!! Think outside your box before due STUPIDITY´S Like that..

  75. Andrew Garcia says:

    Fucking blasphemy

  76. Joe Capriola says:

    Straight blasphemy

  77. Siderus Smith says:

    Lol..they want LJ to be like MJ so bad…

  78. Scott Goodall says:

    Haa lebron jumps like a frog not fly like jordan.

  79. Raj Kandola says:

    Yo check it out! Jrake king james baby haha

  80. Marco Antonio Salgado Jr. says:


  81. Daniel Garcia Davila says:

    Fuck no!

  82. Daniel Garcia Davila says:

    Wait it wasn’t enough saying it once… FUCK NO!

  83. Cody Villani says:

    Mj better sue for that shit, straight up disrespect

  84. Byron Woods says:

    Shoot the guy who took his precious time destroying a masterpiece. Yoooouuuuu Asshooooooole!

  85. Jabari Ledbetter says:

    Fuck labron

  86. Derrick Baker says:

    Fuckin blasphemy!

  87. Brandon Jenkins says:

    He rich yall broke y comment bs it’s just a dam shoe sound like some one on MJ dick mite as well suck it!.

  88. Shaun Goodz McFly Riley says:

    Wtf don’t eva do that shit again

  89. Roland Bustos says:


  90. Ivan Antonio says:

    wtff. ? disrespectful. lebron will never be like jordan.

  91. Antonio Saddul Jr. says:


  92. Danny Bonifacio says:

    Straight disrespect

  93. Justin Morgan says:

    I’d cop these

  94. Chris Watson says:

    Disrespectful on so many levels! FOH!

  95. Robert Dunn says:

    Disrespect. Hell na

  96. Ronald Glover Jr. says:

    All bad….

  97. Salvador Onofre says:


  98. Jacob Stanley says:

    Very disrespectful

  99. Engr Nick Molar says:

    AJ MJ still the original

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