Air Jordan XX3 (23) - Jordan Motorsport

After dominating the hardwood, Michael Jordan ventures in to a new exciting field, motorsports. Developing into his new love, Michael Jordan grew so fond of this sport he created the Jordan Motorsports team which has its own team of Suzuki riders who are even outfitted with elephant print helmets. Combining his two loves, the Air Jordan XX3 seen above is made up of the team’s black, white and varsity royal palette. Release is scheduled for November 28th, 2008 at certain Air Jordan retailers, retail is valued at $185. Via Marquee Sole.

11/28/2008 Air Jordan XX3 (limited release)
318376-011 Black/Varsity Royal-White

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  1. This is what i'm talkin bout jb these shits is hot better than any shoe out the packs so far no doubt. Must cop

  2. hands down the best 23,wont cop though cuz ima save fo da 11/12 pack even tho the 12s may suck

  3. NOW i do look forward to the xx3's because they are made very well that i will not deny and man that colorway is sick !! black, blue and white what more could you ask for thats flava. I just ordered 2 pair.. funny someone said their saving for some damn count down packs .. thats a damn shame.. you must still love with your parents lol .. the 11/12 countdown pack quality is going to be shitty.. man JB selling yall some bullshit!! they do not make em like they used to .. but the XXIII's those shits take the cake

  4. I bout tha all star edition xx3s back in february and have been waiting on a solid colorway since finally this is it.dnt like tha low's tho

  5. awwww–sheet'izz/ja'boi'boi….deez=hurr izzso coppa'fo'sho…gunna/ 6xx6x…..marcc=mi//wordzz..niccas=gunna r5obb'n leach//4deez ho's…..bedda/ring=yo click=-widdaclick//clacks…cuz if'ya don'tizz gunnabee…gunplay……….bbbbrrraaaaappppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Limited again. This is BULLSHIT! I'm gettin' too damn old to stand in line and fight some young shit for a pair J's. All that's gonna happen is ppl who don't even want the shoes are gonna get em' and profit 3-4X's the retail on Ebay. Way to go JB. You've pissed off a lot of us who have been down with J's since the beginning back in 84-85. That's really fuk'd up cuz jus' like the Titaniums. These are really nice. Maybe nicer.

  7. No doubt there will be a line for these, bet most of them will end up on the bay :(

    My buddy sent me this link to find heat on the bay so I guess keep an eye out on that? lol resellers :/

  8. i jus nutted on myself…………………. jordan brand finally doin sumthin right i cant wait til i cop these and my 11s n 12s im stackin

  9. mrraj i feel you b sometimes its best to dish out 50 extra bucks to cop a day or week early just to avoid standing in a line with annoying ass kids

  10. I Pray I can get these South Carolina Dont Get Shit, they are THE Best Jordan Shoe Released since the Aqua 8's

  11. Anyone know where I can pick these up in Charlottesville, VA? Will these be limited to Urban and NikeTown accounts? Somebody help …

  12. finally JB, a good release. by far the best 23s coming out. and there will definately be a campout for this.

  13. ^ bro I think I missed out on that lol? They got some cheap J's on dat site tho, you should keep that shit to yourself haha imma cop.

  14. These are hot i need to get these $185 plus tax it's about $196 i got the money i'll be waiting inline for these theyre really sick to bad they're limited

  15. campout planning has begun….whats with all these limited releases theres been as many general releases as limited and all the generals suck compared to the limited xx3….. jb knows how 2 piss me off i swear

  16. these r a must scoop..even tho 3 pair come out that day..the motorsports will sell the most i think. if money allows it i will def cop these. but i want the 8/15s that month followed by 11/12s in dec so we'll see..but i do co sign these r best 23s to drop.

  17. haha wtfff so many 23s made it to

    I want deez joints tho, they ain't up yet but they will be soon.

  18. yo wait are these like the titanium 23's that are limited release and then later it goes for $900 dollars when its resold can anyone let me knoe..

  19. yo anyone knows if they are coming out in NYC and what store let me know and address hit me up people…. need to know

  20. yeah dawg they limited like dem first ones dat came out.youll have to chceck out all dem niketowns see if eny are sellin dem joints

  21. WHAT!!!!!!!!! Why are they releasing these? That's good and everything, but I was pissed when they didn't release the Jordan Motorsports version of the Mars Blackman 4s. They were a nice, solid color blue; way better than those fuckin military blue 4s. I guess they learned their lesson…I admit these are clean

  22. Man hold up these are cold as fuck how limited are tgey going to be? I gotta get'em i got the bred but i seen these awhile back but i guess they didnt know they were coming out MUST MUST GET!!!!!!

  23. I ve got those . lalalalaaaaaaaa ! and those are the dopest Jordans EVER. in my opinion. gotta love the patent leather . my god they are like a dream . i am touching them rite now.