Air Jordan XX3 (23) Basketball

As we tend to forget Jordan Brands first love is Basketball and then looking good. We know this is not a pair of sneakers, but due to the grand unveiling of the Air Jordan XX3 yesterday, the world should see the special edition Air Jordan XX3 Basketball.

Some stuff we see at first is the fingerprint, which is the inspiration for the Air Jordan XX3, Chi-town (the name says it all), the Original Jordan Wings logo and much more. All things printed on the Air Jordan XX3 Basketball relate to certain times and events in Michael Jordan’s life.

Air Jordan XX3 (23) Basketball
Air Jordan XX3 (23) Basketball

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  1. thats a nice unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. haha if that shit is gonna cost 200 bucks it better go in the basket automatically everytime i shoot or something…lol

  3. im a big jordan fan.. got almost every pair of j's but the ball is cold but the 23 shoes r ugly.. but im still going to get them

  4. im a big jordan fan.. i got almost every pair of jordans.. but the ball is cold but the 23 shoe are ugly.. but im still going to get them… they come out feburary 23 i think…

  5. jordan resortin to sellin limited edition basketballs. yo maybe the last few jordans he made is so doo doo cuz it looks like they spent more time making this nuclear ball and shit.

  6. ^^Blazed Thought^^ that's exactly right. It looks so ancient and damn heavy. I'm thinking of da future….not the past, so this bball doesnt do it for me.

  7. LMFAO!!!!! @ eMiLioN buCk$, realtalk and Blazed Thuoght

    MAN THAT SHIT WAS FUNNY…..Stupid piece of crap tho! Pretty much, And it does look like a soupped up lasered medicine ball!

    This ball doesnt look better than the shoes, Brown Leather on anything is GARBAGE..Look at the Womens 8's

  8. i mean i play ball but come on. look at this joint. it looks like a comet from space. i cood see a lot of lil kids gettin robbed for this ball.

  9. The 23's look good, the problem is is that we're all into everything being retro's so anything with a new design gets no burn. I thought the all red 21's were garbage when they first came out and now I wish I got them. Now I have to wait for them to be retro'd or pay a grip for them. Buy the 23's now cause in a couple of years they might be just as loved as the 3's…maybe.

  10. Nice idea, but the price does not need to exceed $100. It should also come with a collectors case so you can protect it and show it off in style.

  11. this ball is actually pretty cool, the 23s are ass ugly shoes, but this might have a place on my shelf…..

  12. if that cost 200$, that had better go in the basket every time i shoot cuz if i don't that ball is either fake or michael jordan didn't touch it… but either way, it's mine. and i have it, so too bad, don't count on buying it.

    IN YUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yo,

    you gotta love Mike! Ball is true collectors, anyone know where, when, how to buy?

    I'll pay $200!!