The very first time the Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Grey’ hit the shoe game, was back in 2001, and will be rereleased tomorrow, a good 9 years later. Now when the news first broke that the ‘Cool Greys’ were being retroed once again in 2010, everyone was concern in whether or not there will be drastic changes to the shoe. Eventually pics surfaced of the 2010 retro, and not much as changed besided the slight blue tint added to the shoes translucent sole. But, samples of the shoe has recently surfaced, and shows a mesh upper instead of the classic nubuck upper. Now imagine if the ‘Cool Greys’ with the mesh upper would’ve released instead, would everyone still be pleased? Continue after the jump for more shots of the AJ XI ‘Cool Grey’ samples and let us know what you guys think. via SC.

 ~ Soleless




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  1. they should have released like this. mad heads would have been mad but i would have been happy.

  2. personally I think this shoe would have been off the chain whether it came out with the mesh or nubuck upper in my opinion. But from looking at the sample above I would go more with the nubuck upper and I only say that is due to that if the tongue would have been mesh along with the rest, then this shoe would be my ALL-TIME fav of the 11s. But since I already got my pair I guess its on to the next one (Concord – 2011)

  3. i wish the tounge would have been mesh too i hate how wrinkled it gets i like the mesh i would of gotten one pair of the ones i have now and two pairs of mesh