2014 will see the re-release of the OG '96 kicks, the Air Jordan XI (11) "Columbia."

So far, 2014 has been a roller coaster of sorts with big releases launching at the top of the year. Not that 2013 didn’t have it’s pluses, like Nike releasing the Air Jordan XI (11) “Gamma Blue.” 2014 will see the re-release of the OG ’96 kicks, the Air Jordan XI (11) “Columbia.”  No official release date has been set, but we’ll keep you guys posted! Would you like to see a Columbia release this year? (Source Hypebeast)



  1. And the retardedness begins…. Gonna be so much hype behind these. Most of the true sneakerheads won’t even be able to get a pair. Smh

  2. I swear I’ve never camped out for a air Jordan shoe . Never waited in line … But I might Make a exception for this one

  3. This is my a all time favorite Jordan so please I will jump through hoops, climb mountains, punch babies, and drop kick the elderly for a pair of these

  4. Fuck nike fuck em where they stand. I been collecting since 86. I should be able to cop what I want when I want instead of watching the parasite resellers make profit off me. Thats a slap in the face and the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen from a company. Especially when more than 65 percent of there catalog sucks and ends up in clearance. I work on weekends too so I gotta pay extra money to bs mom n pop stores cause big retailers switch management so much the new punk in charge doesn’t care that u been buying kicks there since the 90’s and wont hold a pair til I get off work or wont let u pay in advance.

  5. I have had all the exclusive Js and it does sadden me to say ill never buy another pair and if u knew what I know u wouldnt either.

  6. Can Jordan plz release multiple pairs??? Everybody deserves the chance at a pair of these. Let’s not have a repeat if years past.

  7. I really like dis shoe always have n always will even if I dnt get dem nice normal color to em n da university blues to


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