Arguably one of the most sought after releases of the year, today welcomes none other than the Air Jordan XI (11) “Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize”.

This Air Jordan XI (11) retro has amassed a cult-like following just as every AJ11 holiday release has done over the years, however, this time around Jordan Brand treats us to a new “Gamma Blue” theme. Complete with black patent leather mudguards, cordura mesh uppers, hints of varsity maize and an ice blue sole, this is one release that you do not want to miss.

Priced at $185 and arriving in a family size run, you may purchase the Air Jordan XI (11) “Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize” today through all participating retailers.

Colorway: Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize
Release Date: 12/21/2013
Retail: $185
Product Code: 378037-006

Buy at:
Foot Locker
Champs Sports




  1. I’m not hating. I am mad I lost 3 raffles but I’d rather have any other 11 over the Gammas. Jus sayin. I got the Taxi 12s they were more important to me than the Gammas anyway

  2. Haven’t released in Indonesia,and this isn’t a nice pair to cop for me
    Hypebeasts make them like some sacred shoes to cop

  3. Any retail store u go in today is gonna tell u they’re sold out cause folks got til 6pm to come get their reserved pair. 6pm tonite would be the time to go. But then I’m sure the employees will get the ones people didn’t come get.

  4. You guys think you have it hard……. Try getting these when you live in Australia! Only option was the net, and everything went so dam fast!!

  5. Somebody didn’t pay a bill or 2 just for those shoes..damn shame lmao. Nice but lil wait for a better pair!

  6. Chris Camacho u need to buy some new shoes the ones u have no mas no buddy falling apart so sad

  7. Everybody and they mama finna be walking around with this same ass shoe…. ummmm nikes please. Be different. Go get a different shoe

  8. Awww I can’t wait to get them right now when I go in. On our date I will wear these for you!! Michael Garcia

  9. Nope, grAbe kc mga reseller here in the Philippines, konti na nga ln ung stock na napunta dito cla pa makikinabang!? Kainis!!!!&(@;/@

  10. Nope I couldn’t get a wristband to the es store where they are half off. I would never pay 185 for some Fkn shoes again haven’t in years. I Love Nike and js but I think the price needs to be lowered back to atleast 149. In another couple years we will see a 300 retail basketball shoe smh.

  11. In one day these sneakers have gotten old cuz of all the over hype…I’m tired of seeing these already….hype fiends ruin every release.

  12. How did you get your pairs? I tried to get them all morning at the online stores, right when they gave you a chance to get them. I just hate this every release I try and don’t get them. I’m starting to get tired of this.

  13. I need a mens size 12 baaaaaddddd!!! I’ve tried alll day I got mine and one of my sons but I need my other son a pair!!!:-[

  14. No ugly wasn’t wasting my money I said all year that them shits was ugly I had them in my hands and told my connect Naw

  15. Its Ashame How Smoked Out Ass Busted Up Broke MFs Killin For These Shoes. SmH. R.I.P To The Lil Homie Who Got Smoked Like Sweet Today.

  16. Zakariya nah all the websites I went onto were all sold out, I think I might get some breds from flight club online…. I know I won’t get fakes then?!!

  17. Why even waste youtmr fuckung time Spencer Westmoreland. There not much different then the space jams just diff color blue. Bout time they switched em uo…..who wants to keep gettin the fucking blk n red breds. You obviously didnt get a pair. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, MAD AND ONLY HATING CUZ A FUCKING BOT BEAT U OUTA UR PAIR!! No disrespect to those who did get beat by a FUCKING BOT! I honestly got mad lucky…..ill sell them tho……size 11 for 500 firm.

  18. Oh and also its fucked up that ppl.use bots and shit…i wish these websites would make u prove that ur fucking human….dumb ass bots. And ppl.promoting them would get beat the fuck up asap. Piece of shit

  19. You dumb fucks! Spending all that money on a pair of shoes that cost a couple of dollars to make (by some poor slave) and why the fuck would you still want to wear Jordan’s after Miley made a song about them??? And they are UGLY!