Air Jordan XI (11) 'Bred' Returning for Holiday 2012

According to numerous sources across the ‘net, the “Bred” Air Jordan XI is set to return this Holiday season.

Following the trend set by the “Cool Grey” and continued by the “Concord”, the “Bred” will be this year’s Christmas XI drop, likely hitting on Friday, December 21 (if the release continues along the trend of the previous drops). This may come as a surprise to some as it had been rumored that the “Columbia” XI would be this year’s drop.

Regardless, stay tuned for more info and mark your calendars.

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  1. Why are they saying the 21st? Every 11 since the Space Jam started this mess has dropped on the 23rd.

  2. LMAO, after reading this it only lets me know how sad JB will do whatever it takes to release the #1 shoe of the year. After the last 4 previous years, it should have been obvious that the “Columbia” XI’s should have released this holiday. But with all the talk around the “Galaxy” Foamposite being the “craziest” release this far, I guess JB can’t have that and are going with the Bred’s. But I cant blame JB, at the end of the day its all about the sales….

  3. I can remember back n 95 when i got these i must have these on once again my first pair of j’s like i said before the 11 r the best

  4. these are about to be probably the craziest release of the XI’s yet and i read that someone was gonna get there early and i have to say im with you becuz i cant due the craziness or the 6 1/2 hours in line like i did for the concords ……….. let the hype, madness & love for the shoe begin

  5. If you get them early, like October, they’ll only be $300. Still a lot, but not as much as after they release.

  6. Y’all dumb you have to reserve your shoes there wont be any lines anymore so if u pay $300 to get early they bootleg as fuck all the celebs gettin the real ones first