Air Jordan X (10) 'Chicago' - One Last Look

After covering the kicks for months, the Air Jordan X “Chicago” is finally set to return for the first time since 1994.

Set to retail for $160, the updated version of the OG sports some minor differences, like a red Jumpman and black and red checkered lining.

Dropping tonight at Midnight EST via a number of online outlets, the kicks will be available at spots like Concepts over the weekend.

Air Jordan X (10) 'Chicago' - One Last Look

Air Jordan X (10) 'Chicago' - One Last Look

Air Jordan X (10) 'Chicago' - One Last Look

Air Jordan X (10) 'Chicago' - One Last Look

Air Jordan X (10) 'Chicago' - One Last Look

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  1. Same here. Liking my pair. The Champs at my mall didnt have the hangtag on any of their pairs. Footlocker and Finishline had the tags, though. Strange. Nice shoe, definitely.

  2. I had to go to Finishline for a pair with a tag. And not all of theirs had the tag, either. The guy ahead got a pair of 13s , no tag. Mine were a sz 11 and they had the tag. Whats up, JB? This is a minor detail, but still not right.

  3. I got mine this morning also. The leather quality is so much better then a lot of the shoes in the past. What i don’t like is the stitching of the Jumpman logo on back. I realize that lately all the logos look cheap and fake. If you havnt payed close attention, take a look at your shoes. Same thing with my concords. JB use to double stitch the logo. What you think??

    1. ya sorry to inform jb does not use real leather its pleather – synthetic leather thats why it looks like some one painted white out on tumbled cardboard.

  4. was the lines crazy to cop them guys? lmk and u all shud have hand tags they all tucked inside the right shoe ya sure ya didnt get tags?

  5. @kenny: The lines weren’t bad, about 10-15 people. And You’re right about the tags being tucked in the right shoe. But I even took out both cardboard inserts to check, no tags at Champs, and some at Finishline were missing them.

  6. Ya know what really grinds my gears…pricks who buy up all the new releases to make a buck. After paying for eBay fees and postage costs, they end up probably making 30 to 50 bucks a shoe! Is it really worth it for all that headache. Theyre flooded all over eBay w too high of a price tag, I’ll wait 3 months n wait for these suckas to drop the price tag. Get a real job EBay suckas.

  7. ^^ This is true. Sell these for $250 on ebay….pay $50 for shipping cost and paypal/ebay fees, plus the $170 tax included for the shoes and you’re left with about about $30 bucks. Not much.

  8. @TGD damn then like noone really wanted them cus even where i was at in garden state mall for my friend there was like 30 people only and they all got wristbands do to the madness of the concords i couldve waited then instead of gettin em 2 weeks early on being safe… but jb gotta fix that stuff with those tags wth

  9. got three pairs jb whats going on all my 3 pair 1 shoe is high and the other one is low i want all of you guys to check your pairs and you can see the white cheap leather under the jumpman stitching whats up with that no double stitching any more this is very sad jb we spend extra cash and camp out for some bs we all should just make a video let jb know whats up or stop buying jordans for couple months and see what happens