Air Jordan VII Bordeaux 2011 Retro VideoIt will have been 19 years since the introduction of the Air Jordan VII Bordeaux for it to finally have its time to shine as a retro release.

We have all been introduced to this sneaker through photos, but today we bring you another inside look as Modern Notoriety x Stickie213 team up once again for our viewing pleasure.

Hit the jump and take a look at one of the big releases to touch down at retailers next year.

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  1. DAMN! Those are the GREATEST Air Jordan's to ever touch this planet. I just kind of wish the backs were like the OG's. Those are still rad though. I'm rocking these on my Graduation BOI! copping 2 pair on BLOODS! G.ettin F.ame K.rew

  2. Is this kid for real? He wasn't even alive when these came out! I was rocking these on the courts until my toe popped out the front, no lie! I'm also tired of these reviews with Chinese knock offs. By the way kid, the back of the shoe is like the originals. It's the bottom sole colors that are off as well as the tongue. Can we please get some reviewers that actually know something please (more mayor and such)!

  3. I've seen this kid on Youtube before and I really don't know what to think of him. He does have some knowledge about shoes, but he obviously doesn't work for his shoes. I mean his parents just buys all his shit for him, and I can't respect people who get free handouts. You know?