Just yesterday we brought you the most detailed look at the Air Jordan VI Infrared Package to this date. However, release information was still unclear, as several feared it might only be an Asia or Euro exclusive because Jordan brand can do that to us sometimes. However, it has since then been announced that this pack will in fact release in the states and on the 19th of June- making that day even MORE special than it already is (::wink wink::). As of now, the going rate for this pack will be the usual MSRP for packages- $310. Along with the Retro Premio BIN 23 Air Jordan IX, June is shaping up to be SCORCHING hot.


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  1. f jordan brand….hype hype hype…so they arent dropping just white and varisty red 6's? they build hype for yet another not needed pack…then drop it here anyway…screw that

  2. A nice pack…it would have been better with the nike air on the back instead of the jump man and if the suede would have been nubuck….

  3. Look man from what i've been researching and reading the black infrared 6's will be nubuck.. Lets prey!! They will be. And the reason why they will not ever have the "nike air" in the back ever again is because it's jair jordan brand now… If jb. Ever put nike air on the back of all the j's the whole og thing would be well useless…. Thats what i think at least. Keep collecting and keep seeking for the og j's….. Peace!!!

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