There’s no doubt about it folks, the world will come to a complete halt this weekend when the Air Jordan V (5) “Bel-Air” officially releases. Okay, so maybe not a complete stand still but there’s a good chance that everyone you know will be talking about them at some point during the day. As we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves, you should note that Foot Locker has just released their release details. Read carefully:

In partnership with mall management, SELECT House of Hoops by Foot Locker stores will implement a sweepstakes ticket procedure* in order to purchase the Air Jordan 5 “Bel Air” (on sale 10/5/13 for $185). The sweepstakes ticket procedures will begin Wednesday, October 2nd and end on Thursday, October 3rd. If your ticket number is selected, you will be notified by phone on Friday, October 3rd. These procedures are for SELECT STORES only. To find out which store near you will carry the shoe and if that store will implement the sweepstakes ticket procedure, please visit the Foot Locker “Launch Locator” here. This release will also be available on starting at 8:00 a.m. EDT this Saturday, October 5th. Kids grade school sizes will also be available but only online.

*Our customers are our priority and we encourage everyone to follow the procedure outlined above in an orderly and safe manner. We thank you in advance.

What may serve as a complete upset to some with Foot Locker’s “Sweepstakes” system, it’s always best to keep hope alive with a release like this. Do you plan on copping Bel-Air’s weekend? Are you feeling the $185 price tag? Yes, we know…

Colorway: Cool Grey/Court Purple-Game Royal-Club Pink
Release Date: 10/5/13
Retail: $185
Product Code: 621958-090

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  1. Nike and jordan knows that it will sell, why make it fucking all limited, yup Jordan’s are surely mainstream

  2. I cant believe how many people actually want these. Man people will buy anything. If MJ craped in a box and put nike air on it or retro people would buy that shit. MJ is a true gangster

  3. To girly for me..hopefully everyone spenda there money so it won’t be hard to cop the steel 10s

  4. I hate wen people who can’t afford jays start hating on the people who can @danny grigsby y do u care what other people buys

  5. What does someone saying they think ‘people will buy anything’ have to do w/:
    Can’t afford J’s?
    ..WTF kind of assumption is that?
    Also, having an opinion does NOT, by default, equate to ‘hating’.

  6. @Ben Cirillo  they not coming to aus,..word is though, theres some place in melb getting some pairs in