Air Jordan V (5) - 2009 Preview
With new pictures of the greatly anticipated Air Jordan Raging Bull Pack dropping nearly every day, many sneakerheads have forgotten that Jordan Brand is also set to continue releasing new colorways in their retro Air Jordan models. This new color scheme comes as a great surprise to most due to the fact that a release date, or even any information about the pair has not yet been disclosed. Love it or hate it, this Air Jordan V (5) yields a white patent leather base accented by what appears to be a navy blue midsole, black stitching, a yellow outsole, and some unique graphic designs on the inner lining and sole. As previously mentioned, no release information on this pair has been dropped yet, so stay tuned for updates.

Via NT.

Air Jordan V (5) - 2009 Preview

Air Jordan V (5) - 2009 Preview

Air Jordan V (5) - 2009 Preview

Air Jordan V (5) - 2009 Preview

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  2. god how can they destroy such a classic shoe?

    it really wouldn't be hard to come up with better stuff than jb puts out.

    5's should never ever have patent. ha its probably not even patent leather! patent plastic like the stupid olympic 6.

    calling this a fake is being hard on the fakes.

  3. these are not real but if some how these are jordan is on that good dope……the color scheme is fucked and whats with the tounge is that maroon? look like a team i created on a football game back in the day. who posted this shit?

  4. ewwwwww, wtf JB?

    See, the Raging Bull pack is an interesting concept, but i can obviously see that you guys are running out of ideas….*shoots self*

    why don't ya just bring back the white/infrared 6's and call it a year…. PLEASE!

    P.S: AND THE WHITE/MAROON 6's!!!!!!

  5. Note this: Regardless of how ugly this colorway combination is you sneakerheads will still buy them just because there jays and the fact that this is a single release jordan 5 and its not in a pack therefore you don't have to worry about paying $310 for this piece of shit. JB you just ruined a classic (sarcasism) > thanks alot JB.

  6. see that is where youy are wrong^^^yo momma^^^. real sneaker heads buy sneakers cause they have a particular feel for the sneaker. now the consumer aka unlimited release would participate just because it is a jordan sneaker. not a real sneaker head cause its jordans i wont wear at all and especially anything after the 12 or 13's

  7. I guess it's the V's turn to be demonized and brutalized. It now joints the VII's, and to some degree, I's.

  8. i hate having to argue with people, this is basically an essay throwing knowledge into the ignorant heads of certain human beings lol…to be continued lol

  9. and if i’m wrong about anything, pleez fill me in (IF YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT) ;D

  10. Havon – FOOTLOCKER COLLECTION. rEAL SNEAKERHEADS DON’T SHOP AT FOOTLOCKER (unless way back in the 90’s when shit was fire).

    Preach! Preach! Havon, is telling the truth and its gotsta hurt!!

    Nike & JB str8 up gave them shit face, when they asked for less expense Air Jordan's and better wholesale rates on them, back in the early 2000's. And they haven't been the same since!!

  11. These look like fakes…but…the 5’s did tend to crease a lot and looked worn out after a couple uses….the patent definitely helps that a bit…if it’s still in stores in the late morning, I’m getting this…But not getting up @ 5am for this


  13. Ppl that try to analyze sneakers like its a fuckin religion make themselves look like virgin-chronic-masterbaters that worry about sneakers more then anything else in this world. You guys are corny !….. the shoes are hot!

  14. Havon u dumb bruh, i rarely get my jays from footlocker but if i got em from footaction is that different? And for the CDP baw you dumb on that too cuz if i was of age and coulda got a job in 1995 i woulda copped the bred 11's but was I??? No!!! So why try to save up around 900 bones for one pair of kicks wen the same thing comin out wit another fiya pair on the side of it. DUMB DUMB DUMB but i get my kicks from Politics or Sportsplus and they have the same shoes that footlocker, footaction, and finishline got just a lil more variety so does that mean im not a real sneakerhead??? Man u obviously dont have many friends

  15. Looks like the Asian guys that make fake j’s worked overtime on these. LOL ugly color scheme reminds me of vomit. Patent leather on 5’s don’t look right. I’ll rather spend 310 on the package than buyin these.

  16. I kinda liked these after the last round of pics, but these pics have checnged my mind. I'll be passing on these bad boys for sure.

  17. I really appreciate all the "EXPERTS" saying JB wasnt going to retro any shoes in 2009. These arent too bad. Good to see retro 5's coming back.

  18. i agree with havon.. i need some 6's in my life. and not a wack ass colorway that jb thinks is hip. stick to what sells, the classics…

  19. Haven eat dick you dumb ass did you write the bible on sneaker heads first what is a sneaker head hold up some one who loves sneakers but you your an over educated idiot you discrase the word

  20. damn backroad ^^^
    ya took the words rite out my mouth
    i liked these wen they first showed them
    but now im like wtf
    they look like sumtin they would sell at the gas station

  21. 5s r my fav jordans but ima pass on these like wtf y ruin a classic shoe serious fuck who eva manages jordan brand now seriously all ur shoes such now adays fo real die u shoe killin bastard

  22. wth is this nonsense

    theez look like knockoffs ugly ass knockoffs

    these have nothing on the raging bulls or 3Ms

    IM LOOKIN 4WARD 2 THE DUBS AND THE 12s coming soon

    THOSE NUBUCK 12s =D……..

  23. Havon – try not to make yourself look stupid in the future by posting your long ass opinion on what a true sneakerhead is.

    Havon wrote "the ones that are picky with what they spend their money on whether it falls into a probable investment, quantity, or basically if the color scheme is relevant"

    relevant to what??? your sense of what good style is? Get the hell outta here

  24. damnnnn fuk tha haters sure there a lil hurt and the tounge's color ( brown) doesnt match the other colors ( yellow ) nd (grey) buht im gettin these ANYWAYS!! I LOVE EM SO FAR

  25. WTF? Only a dumbass would actually waste money on these..the shoe is white patent leather with a ugly tongue.!! Whats going on in the heads of people who actually think these are nice?!! Atleast the raging bull pack has a concept and looks nice.! But this is straight GARBAGE! Ruining the look of V's!

  26. Ok first off this is josh's girlfriend Mr Havon, and let me tell you every pair Jordan's that are worth anything hell even nothing.. he has it i promise! As far as him knowing the smell or aroma of dicks haha… yah FALSE no need for the details. and REAL JORDAN HEADS HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY ANY PAIR JUST TO HAVE THEM; UGLY OR FLY… and you're probably some dumb shit trying to sound smart on these lil shoe "comments" just to prove you know something.. haha.. you amuse me but as far as Josh, yah you should really watch what you say. His "room" yah too many shoes for a closet.. his "ROOM" stays packed with Jays. Oh yea,and trust we stay in the mall there is nothing wrong with finishline, footlocker, ect… so go take your fancy little scholarship into your college and move around.. haha and exactly how Hard is it to get into any college anymore?? not VERY HARD.. and me you see.. i got them lined up sweetie.. all i have to do is graduate. HAVE A GREAT DAY..

  27. Why does JB insisting on F-ing stuff up! They should have left these the way they were….JUST LIKE THE RAGING BULLS PACK! I don't even want any of these kicks anymore!!!smh

  28. well, i saw this coming, FIRST OF ALL I HAVE PLENTY OF FRIENDS, AND A GIRLFRIEND AT THAT. I HAVE ABOUT 52 PAIR OS SNEAKS (nIKES, jORDS, nb’S, YOU NAME IT) so hate on me if you want! And once again, the ignorance is flowing once again. I know what i’m talking about; i have a footwear internship and i know what goes on. And dip shit, who pays 900 for OG BRED 11’S? NOBODY, u lookin in the wrong place. You obviously don’t have any sense of color or moral value. (OH , SORRY FOR BEING SO EDUCATED d33, i didn’t mean to get into a great college with a scholarship, cool internship, and connections, oh i’m so angry with myself). I’m going off on a limb here, FUCK THE 2008 BRED 11’s they’re ugly, they look nothing like the OG’s, the colors are off and the material is shitty. REAL JORDAN HEADS WOULDN’T WASTE MONEY ON THAT HOGWASH. But it’s okay, feel free to be a “countdown baby” this is america, feel free to waste money…(very sad boogie, lemme ask you something, tell me wat a pussy tastes like, even though ur aware of the taste and aroma of dicks, wat duz a clam taste like?) hmmmmmm?…TO BE CONTINUED

  29. all this argument about real sneakerheads vs fakes is retarded. and having your girlfriend play captain save-a-ho is more retarded. and these ugly pieces of crap are even MORE retarded.

    and no, real jordan heads don't necessarily have enough money to buy every pair, ugly or not. that's real ignorant rich people with money, ya'll got it confused.

  30. i love this website just because of the disputes. I admire how you guys defend your opinions, without people like us, this site would be boring. i mean everyone is correct in their own way, but due to the fun you get out of shunning and arguing, why admit if someone’s wrong or not? It’s too much fun…KEEP ARGUING PEOPLE!!!!!!!


  31. The 5’s are some of my favorite J’s of all time. I don’t think these are so “horrible” however I wouldn’t get them because of the patent leather. I am very adamant about this along with the CDP, they just arent like the ones in the 90’s. The older shoes had way better quality. Since JB is continuing to drop 21st century garbage they should just skip right to letting you ID your own J’s, it only makes sense…

  32. damn this shit funny…and yea these some ugly j's….especially with the raging bull pack dropping

  33. Dudes are mad funny on here. People forget that JB is out to make money not make you happy. They will make a bunch of fake looking jordans because a lot of people are buying fake @ss jordans. The make expensive ones that they call limiteds or exclusives for the "shoe elitist". They don't make the og colors because if they did people wouldn't buy the bullsh!t that comes out in the mean time. Instead of fighting on a forum write JB a misspelled email and let THEM know how you feel.

  34. They have the same feel as the Olympic 6's(Patent Leather)

    Watch, everyone is degrading the shoe, but as once they drop..

    They become the wanted..

    It's a must copp for me..

    Camo Cargo's..

    Hundreds tee..


  35. If these are so wack why pollute the comment section with paragraphs about your nobody opinion? Who cares about your specs and sneaker details any fuckin way u wannabe know it all? fuckin geek…u cats are sick of something every single day "oh my OGs have a red streak so yours are fake" Man shut the fuck up….

  36. And half yall on that metrosexual grabage anyway rockin supras tight jeans and v neck sweaters! what would u possibly know whats hot? You dont count when you got male camel toe….

  37. Havon sounds like ur a lil upset because my GIRLFRIEND is defending me while ur girlfriend or boyfriend (most likely boyfriend) is jacking off some homeless senior citizen!!! And no room is the a decent size and I have way more than 60 pairs pal, including air max's, and forces. Unlike you buyin shoes from illegal Cambodians for $20 a piece my stuff is exclusive playbaw. And if u wanna go as for as education ur college and wipe mines and my girls colleges butts. So put that in ya mouth and suck it!!!

  38. just gonna say this why

    would you wanna buy some shoes from 1995 or 2001 and its 2009

    when the shoes your talking about retro ed in 2008 even though the color isnt the same is anything the same as those days.all im saying is i didnt buy the 2008s either but i wouldnt go back that old to buy the same shoe they would probably rip if you were to wear for these bring back the first sample pair and ill cop for sure these look like SHIT literally

  39. Let the hype begin. Remember the olympic 6's? Everyone was roasting on em' and look what happend. They sold like crazy.

    ^^ I agree with you 100%.

  40. these are ight, id rock them in the winter. nuttin compared to the red ones from the raging bull pack tho, but they aright.