Air Jordan True Flight 2009 Preview

At first glance, these Air Jordan True Flights look like the classic Air Jordan VII, but they a mere variations of the sneaker that we just can’t get enough of. Scheduled to release in three different color-ways starting next year, featured are color combinations that resemble past Air Jordan VII models.

The True Flight will be available in white/red, white/blue, and red/black. It may not be a trio of Retro Air Jordan VII’s, but it sure comes close, so keep an eye out for these next year. Via Sneaker Collector.

Air Jordan True Flight 2009 Preview
Air Jordan True Flight 2009 Preview

Air Jordan True Flight 2009 Preview
Air Jordan True Flight 2009 Preview

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  1. YESSSS!!! A perfect AJ retro look w/ addition of new tech. for me to rock on the court w/. White/Blue colorway all the way!!!

  2. in another forum they gave only positive feedback and i thought, what is wrong here, don't they see, this shoe is ugly as shit? it is even more ugly than dogshit.

  3. So, by saying you hate this shoe you're honestly saying the VII's are terrible too… This is by far one of the classic "team" Jordans. Besides what's so mutant about taking a classic design and implanting todays technology? I guess "real" sneaker heads can't be comfy and want their feet to hurt when working a 9 hour shift! The shoe's nice and I'm willing to bet if they called it Retro VII Tech or something like that you people would be all over it. Keep this idea alive JB!

  4. I seen worse they are pretty fresh I like the 7 concept though and the black/red but I heard they will be 140 that too high for something that I would consider to be Team Jordans.

  5. Okay these shoes aren't as bad as everyone says they are if you pay close attention to them they kind of look like a combination of the 6s and 7s !

  6. these r pretty nice,would ball inem but wouldnt rockem cuz the real frenchs and cardinals r better,but i like how they took the popular colorways and putem into these

  7. finishline23… thats real shit… i totally agree…

    and i dont understand why people always say "stop the mutant jordans. stop fusions, spizikes, 6ix rings, and every other combination of shoes" seriously… do you really expect a cooperation to shell out ONLY signature shoes? thats like a car always having the same engine or computer always having the same technology… theres no reason to complain, cuz jordan is makin crazy bread regardless…

    back to the shoe … these look alot like 7s, and a lil like b'loyals (it think thats them)

  8. Wtf are the VII is my fave shoe wat the fuck is this ugly shit will never think about geting nike/jordan could of did better th tht hella gay

  9. wtf is this shit man im going to go crazy with all shit the jordan brand is doing where the hell is tinker what the hell is going on this new innovation shit these hybrids stuff is not working these shoes is TRASH their shit along with those 2.5 and the olympians all trash go back to releasing retro's do some good in the world by releasing the good shit the shoes that made the brand what it is today not this shit

  10. not terrible! better than most combo/fusion shoes. i would say depending on price i may cop..i will not cop over 130! just not worth it for "team" jays!

  11. They are kind of fresh I seen worse I wasn't a fan of the 9.5 or some other shit I love the 7s and these are rockable BUT they are going for 140 that's way too much for something that I would consider a Team Jordan.

  12. i bet the people hating on these kicks cant play ball to save their life. im looking forward to rocking these on the court.



  14. Okay, VIIs with one more line thingy for better support and an ugly tongue. I'll cop after I get the Black Infrared VI fusions, both of which I will get for 30-40 dollars less than suggested retail. Overpriced ass mutant kicks, yes, but I know I'll cop anyway, so why bothering denying it.

  15. See this is what im talkin about.. now im not hatin on these but c'mon man! they fuckin up the Jordan Brand when they come out with dumb shit like this!!!!! A true Sneaker Head will say the same thing!

  16. O yea and Peter Lee! that site is Fake dont order From it! thats why the shoes are low price

  17. XG, first off if you came face to face with Jordan the only thing you would slap is his dick upside your cheek. shoes are garbage

  18. these are nice u guys got no taste these are 4 b-ball not goin out ur not goin 2 impress anyone wit ur shoes but ur game

  19. So I guess there not making Jordans for the true collector anymore, just for the brain dead scabs without any taste. I will never buy a fusion. S.

  20. they alright they look like the sevens but to much other shit i think they should sell it 4 $125.

  21. It's weird. Over here on sneakerfiles, everyone is hating and trashing on these. But over on nicekicks, everyone can't get enough of them. Is everyone here just a hater of the new Jordans?

  22. I got a pair of Real 7 Cardinals.

    Regardless of function, these are obviously some Jordan 7 Rip Offs but reminds me of inbred children or crack babies. Just doesn't look right and deformed.

    Admit it. If these didn't have the Jordan logo on them how many of you would buy this garbage?

  23. Death to Jordan Brand for all the Wack, Poor Quality, Over Priced shoes/CDP's they have released this year. Supra is what's up!!! Long live Supra Skytop!!!!!!!! NKOTB


  24. ok dis shoe is wack i just wish jordan can make some maybe new colors on da air jordans not fuckin fussions im tired of seeing fussions ….

  25. I'll get the blue/white pair. I don't trust them they look like a horrible remake gone wrong, but the blue/white pair I could wear fantastically well. I would make those look fly. Get to the money. Get what you like before you die. TheAmbassador has spoken.

  26. FUCK ALL THE HATERS. These are fucking fire. How can you call yourself a Jordan fan if you're dissing his shit. Not everything he puts out is fire but thats what the "AIR" label is for. To separate his hot shit from his not shit. Not that every Air Jordan is fire but the Jordan True Flights are the shit.

  27. lol @ these jb haters yo. these kicks is fire for real. i hope ya continue the hate dat way these will be available 4 cheap later on. but ofcourse dat wont happen u fools will sell them out like the 6 rings and cause them to double resale. herbs.

  28. I've owned a pair of DS Jordan VII Cardinals and I absolutely loved them. As for most fusions or AFJ's, which are horrible and gastly by the way, this is actually quite nice. To be completely honest, I kind of like this a tiny bit better than the VII. Say what you will, but these are actually fantastic. For every 100 crappy Jordans, they actually get one right once in a while. The white/red combo is the best looking one as it most resembles the Cardinals.