Air Jordan Six Rings - White - Silver - University Blue

The year was 1998, many us may remember Michael Jordan hitting the game winning shot against Bryon Russell and the Utah Jazz in Game 6 of the NBA FInals. Like the rest of The Championship Pack, this Six Rings is designed using the colors of the Jazz which includes white, silver and university blue. The Six Rings features white and silver and university blue spread out through the sneaker including university blue graphics at the side. No exact release date just yet, but expect to see this Six Rings in-store next year. Now available early at Marquee Sole.

Air Jordan Six Rings White Silver University Blue

Air Jordan Six Rings White Silver University Blue

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  1. coppinn these for sure!!!! just wat i need, some purple J's!!! these js just made my day!!!

  2. they look like the second color way that dropped for girls its nice but a lil to close

  3. Really dumb.

    If your team wins a championship, do you go out and by a jersey of the other team?

    For the six rings to be offered in anything but Bulls colors is galactically stupid.

    Please Jordan Brand: fold back into Nike and only make one AIR JORDAN per year.


  4. very nice shoe but theres a mistake in the description…

    i dont see any university blue on there do you? those are the old school jazz colors…

    but anyway like i said sick shoe

  5. first of all… bayoubilly… that was the dumbest statement i heard. I hate when people get on here and talk down on Jordan… its not like he gets on his laptop and has regretful feelings about his releases b/c what he reads in these forums… chill that out, mayne…

    and i aint even gonna speak on that "one jordan a year bull"

    off my soapbox… these are a nice a refreshing colorway… i like when these Jays step away from the mundane red, black, and grey scene… Gives cats a chance to flash their gear game… 5 outta 5…

  6. these probaly the best out of all of them but i was readin the comments and Mars what Orlando six rings are you talkn bout he never played them in the championship it would be impossible b/c their both in the east>>>?????

  7. Weak and stupid. Best colorway out of the 6IX Ring championship series, but still a waste of money. The laser pattern makes them so kiddish on all these models–definitely not for grownups who actually watched Mike win rings live. smh @ JB

  8. Take off the laser pattern, and I would've copped them for sure. Best part is the fuzzy 8 tongue and the back with the heel tab. Basically, these are 6IX Rings in a Grape colorway, but that laser pattern is a deal-breaker for me. Such a shame.

  9. Damn Ricky, either you are ignorant to what Air Jordans used to be, or you are easily satisfied with crap.

    I bought Air Jordans back when they were truly special (the 5,6,7,8). Not saying you have to have bought Air Jordans back in the day to have an opinion, but that's where I'm coming from.

    Nowadays the Jordan name is so watered down by the endless flow of team shoes/fusions/crap quality and funky colored retros that it's lost its original appeal.

    There are too many shoes with the Jordan name and Jumpman slapped on. Issuing shoes that celebrate the teams whose asses were kicked by the Bulls is silly and illogical.

    I'm not expecting Michael Jordan to be in here checking out every post. But since it's his name and legacy being tarnished by this crap, I wish he would re-evaluate the people he has in charge and the stupid and lazy concepts they are offering.

  10. Six rings is prably the best new jordans out rite now.. these is fire.. nd so are the Portland Blazer ones.. coppin no doubt

  11. o s**t may bad on the orlando colorway they played in the eastern conference finals thanks for the heads up Mike i totally forgot lol

  12. This shoes reflects what happens to children when their parents are related.

    Stop inbreeding JB.

  13. Purple Jays to go with my Purple DRO and Purlpe Drank!! we in the game now!!! i AGREE with RICKY Jordans have always been red, black and white we need new Color ways BayouBILLY!!! its cool not talkin down on you bro!


  15. These are so cute I wannna pair, but I dout these would be in my size. I hate when they do that.